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Webinar: Why this election matters: a conversation among Canadian women (Fall 2021)


  • Rona Ambrose, President TD Securities, former Leader of Canada's Official Opposition, and former Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada​

  • Celina Caesar-Chavannes, Author & advocate, former Liberal MP for Whitby, Ontario

  • Heather Owen, Vice President, Leger and General Manager for Leger's English-speaking offices; co-author of regular opinion editorials for the Vancouver Sun

  • Andrea Mandel-Campbell, journalist, author, political advisor and moderator

Instagram Campaign (Fall 2021)

During the Federal election, we introduced a fresh Instagram campaign to prompt discussions on a range of topics including the environment, energy, childcare, small business, government debt, inflation, and Indigenous issues. The 28-day campaign which featured daily newsfeed posts and Instagram stories and our new brand, resulted in 497 content interactions and reached 354K Instagram accounts (1,154 followers/ 344K non-followers).

Question of the Day Campaign (Fall 2019)

In advance of the 2019 election, we launched an inaugural campaign to encourage women to weigh in on issues and vote. Posing a Question of the Day on Instagram supported by email blasts, we shone a spotlight on the economy, energy, global emissions, climate change, the cost of living, and trust in elected officials. Our questions surfaced conversations about regional divisions, Canada’s waning international influence, the inability to attract capital, and the long‐term social and economic implications of Canada’s growing debt. They also revealed how much we have in common and a shared vision for a Canada better.

In person Sessions (Fall 2019)

Led by Dr. Lucy Miller, our former CEO, Canada Powered by Women, hosted a series of in-person sessions with women in Calgary, Regina, Toronto, Montreal, and online sessions with university students in Calgary and Toronto. Attendees participated in lively discussions about the issues that mattered most during the 2019 election.

Let's build the future together

Response to the federal government’s request for submissions regarding the ‘fair transition for workers in communities impacted by the transition to lower-carbon future’.

September 21, 2021

Let's build a better Canada

Empowering Women Voters: September 2021

Canada Powered By Women contracted Leger to conduct an omnibus survey with Canadians regarding decision-making when voting in the 2021 Federal election. We were particularly interested in how the views of males and females differ when it comes to:

  • Important issues in politics

  • How they become informed on issues and deciding who to vote for

  • Views on how political topics are represented in mainstream media


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Empowering Women Voters: September 2019

In 2019, Canada Powered By Women contracted Leger to conduct an omnibus survey with 1535 Canadians regarding decision-making when voting in the upcoming Federal election. The survey identified: the importance of various political issues; how respondents get informed on issues and how they decide who to vote for; and how political topics are covered by mainstream media.

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