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What we talk about

How can we help small businesses keep their doors open?

How do we amplify issues that don't make the headlines?

How do we ensure quality of life during our golden years?

Why does childcare fall to the bottom of the list?

How can we resolve the housing crisis in Canada?

If you were advising the government, what should their priorities be?

Does spending more, get us more?

Do money worries keep you up at night?

How much debt is too much debt?

Join the conversation

Ready to power up? 

Unlike public forums, our private online community provides a safe space for our members to discuss current events and issues that matter to us.

We focus on a broad range of social and economic topics – some suggested by our members and others by the Canada Powered by Women team.

How we move conversations forward

To facilitate meaningful discussions and positive outcomes, we follow a three-step process. 

We start by asking a weekly question about current issues. Then you connect with other members to share your insights, ideas, and experiences regarding that issue.

You don't need to be an expert! In fact, our weekly blog post sets the context and suggests articles from respected sources.

If the topic interests you, simply share your thoughts and respond to other posts. We encourage you and other members to discuss differences and discover similarities.

Share your views
Are you ready to join the conversation?

Do you want to discover more about the significant social and economic issues that shape our country?

Through balanced summaries, you can explore different points of view from reliable experts and trusted sources. You can increase your awareness and understanding of issues in ways that suit your busy life. You can build confidence sharing your view in our community discussions.

Together, we identify what's working well, opportunities for improvements, and ways to action positive change.

Source balanced positions
Want to learn more?

Canadian women can be the leaders and change-makers who blaze a clear path forward for our country.

As part of a nonpartisan group of diverse women, you'll explore broad perspectives and channel the power of collaboration. You'll encourage others by being open-minded about differing points of view. 

As our community strengthens, you can help amplify positions on issues and discover ways to realize Canada's greatness. You’ll inspire other Canadians to help shape a brighter, more prosperous future.

Spark change
Read about how we're influencing positive change:
Using our influence for positive change

Check our website for regular updates on our actions, activities, and events. 

1. We ask a question to prompt a conversation

2. We source balanced positions to gain context

3. We use our voice to spark change​

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