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We represent Canadian women who believe sound energy policies are vital for the continuing economic prosperity of our country. We’re driven by the unshakable belief that a better world is possible and we can make it happen… together.

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Our new research is in and it’s official… women want it all. What tradeoffs are they willing (and unwilling) to make?

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June 22 | Calgary

The Common Ground of Energy Transformation

Thank you to everyone that attended this event! It was a full morning of learning, sharing, and discussing important topics.

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“We share concerns about the energy sector, the economy, the environment, our social programs, and about how Canada is experienced by the rest of the world… the more we talked, the more we started asking, "I wonder how other women are feeling? I wonder what they’re thinking?”

— Dr. Lucy Miller, Canada Powered by Women founding member

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We’re led by a group of women committed to the idea that we can work together to improve the well-being of all Canadians.