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A safe space where women can converse, learn, and shape the
well-being and prosperity of Canadians

Let's build
the future together

Our discussion group empowers women who believe in the best of our country. We connect, learn and influence others to forage a united, prosperous future for all Canadians.

What to expect:

  • Be informed in ways that suit your busy life

  • Find inspiration, validation, and connections that bolster confidence

  • Amplify your voice to influence public and government policies that move the country forward

  • Engage with women from all regions of Canada

We harness our power to affect change
We inspire and facilitate conversations that matter

We source balanced information to support critical thinking

We explore issues, find common ground and advocate solutions

The power of many

We stand together to make our voices heard. Our focus on everyday challenges, common-sense solutions, and a shared purpose unites us.

This is what we stand for. 

Ready to power up?