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We first came together to talk about issues that were bothering us as Canadians. The more we talked, the more we wondered what women across the country were thinking and feeling. Could we help bring women together to find common ground on national issues?

To explore this question, we asked 1,500 women and learned:

  • Only one third felt fully informed on issues

  • 6 in 10 thought there were too many competing messages to know who or what to believe

  • 61% felt the media only shows the most extreme views

We knew we were onto something important!

So, we created a safe place to talk about issues that matter. A place to listen and help clarify complex issues to find common ground. A place to raise awareness and promote positive change for all Canadians.

We invite you to be part of our network.  Participate in meaningful conversations. Connect, share, and expand your network. Amplify your voice with other powerful women who envision a better Canada for all.

We are many

Standing together and making our voices heard, we use our influence to create a compassionate, sustainable future for our families, our communities, and Canadians.

Shared values unite us

Through thoughtful, constructive conversations, we encourage Canadians to express their views free from judgment or reprisal. We create positive energy that supports collaboration and compassion. Our focus on common challenges, common-sense solutions, and a shared purpose unites us.

We love the planet

Canadians thrive in a diverse, natural environment with abundant resources. By leveraging our ingenuity and resources, we ensure a safer, stable, and sustainable global environment. With advancing technology, we produce ethical, efficient, and ever-cleaner resources. By developing and sharing our human and natural resources, we enrich lives at home and around the world,  improving the well-being of our planet.

We all benefit from a sustainable, market-driven economy

We believe a vibrant business climate for small, medium, and large companies benefits everyone - creating jobs, making daily life more affordable, funding public services and social programs, keeping taxes low, and reducing government debt.

Family and community matters

As women, we protect those we love: our families, our communities, and our country. We advocate for responsible healthcare; innovative, accessible education; safe, inclusive communities; and growth opportunities for young people.

We love Canada

We are proudly Canadian. We believe in finding common ground to resolve the issues facing our country. We've learned that most Canadians want a safe place to share their views, and shape Canada's future for their families and their communities. In response, we facilitate conversations among Canadians to discover solutions that unite us in a shared vision of a prosperous, compassionate, sustainable Canada.  

Vision: A network of women who advocate for a sustainable, thriving economy and a collaborative, compassionate society that unites Canadians.

Mission: We are shaping Canada's future by harnessing the power of informed, engaged  women who care about our country, our families, and our communities. We facilitate balanced conversations about social and economic issues by connecting, informing, and mobilizing people to forge common ground solutions that increase prosperity and advance the well-being of every Canadian.

Mandate: We spark dialogue across Canada, bringing Canadians together by replacing divisive, polarizing views with informed, reasoned, balanced perspectives.

Let's build a better Canada

Passionate women helping lead Canada to greatness

Our story
Our beliefs unite us
We envision a flourishing economy and a compassionate society
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