New research shows Canadian women feel energy policies make life harder

by | June 2024

If we’re going to talk about Canadian energy, we have to start out with a train station warning: mind the gap.

The gap we’re referring to is the distance between Canada’s potential and what’s presently playing out as a result of our country’s current and future energy policy.

Those policies are impacting us, and other engaged women when it comes to how they manage their daily lives.

As we learned in our new spring 2024 national research, which represents the voice of 5.6 million engaged women, more than half of engaged women perceive energy to be unaffordable, while 87 per cent of respondents believe future energy policies will further hurt their personal finances.

As Canada Powered by Women (CPW) continues to grow, so too does the unignorable voice of women who want to see greater balance between the economy, energy security and the environment proportionately reflected in policy.

“Emission reductions and conservation by both individuals and corporations are important, but some of the government regulations around energy can be a little more balanced,” says Charlsey, an engaged woman from Brampton, Ont. who shared her views in a video posted on social media. “Balance is really what resonates for me in a sound energy policy.”

Balance is needed because engaged women are feeling the pressure policy is having on the price of everything.

We surveyed women in every province and 85 per cent of engaged women told us that Canadian energy policies have had a direct impact on them and their families, with energy being perceived as particularly unaffordable in Alberta and Atlantic Canada.

Second: 43 per cent indicated the shift in energy policies has made daily life more difficult.

And third: 62 per cent see a connection between energy policies and the impact on economic prosperity.

Explore the full report here.

We’ve been tracking what engaged women care about over the last year, and one of the most striking data points is how fast these opinions are growing — and more engaged women are asking us to amplify their voice.

“We have the facts to support that we should be unignorable,” says Tracey Bodnarchuk, CEO of CPW. “The bottom line is engaged women want the government to embrace Canadian energy resource development, taking a position of prosperity for Canadians.”

Millions of Canadian women care about both the economy and the environment, and they want policymakers to take a more balanced approaches when developing policy that impacts Canadian prosperity.

This conversation was front and centre this week during CPW’s signature event in Calgary, where more than 200 people attended to learn more about the research, participate in bold conversations, and discuss sound energy policy.

“We have heard this message loud and clear, and we’re here to amplify the voices of engaged women,” Bodnarchuk says. “We will continue bringing women’s voices to decision-making tables because the time is now to be bold and push the boundaries of what we can do together to ensure prosperity for all Canadians.”

Stay tuned for more information as we continue to build this momentum, with events taking place in Toronto and Vancouver later this year.

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