Community Poll – August 17, 2023

What do you think about investing in innovation for the Canadian energy sector?

Innovation is front and center in every industry. Emerging technologies, artificial intelligence, data and analytics — every industry is moving through a digital transformation.

You might not work in tech, and maybe you aren’t even all that interested in technology. But we’re putting this on your radar because some of the innovation happening in energy right now is important to take note of.

If you didn’t know, oil and gas companies in Canada are investing heavily in technologies and systems that help to:

  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Improve efficiency in the production and use of energy sources
  • Produce affordable energy to meet our ever-growing global need for more power

“How does this impact me though?” you may be asking yourself.

If you care about the environment, a prosperous Canada and not paying an arm and a leg to run your vehicle or for utilities…well then actually these innovations impact you a lot in the long run.

Because cleaner, more efficient and more plentiful energy helps support all those things.

Investment in innovation for the Canadian energy sector is important, and can lead to several major breakthroughs:

  • We reduce emissions from fossil fuels, which lowers greenhouse gas emissions.
  • We can advance nuclear reactor designs that can lead to the development of lower-carbon energy sources.
  • We can create smart grids that optimize energy distribution, reduce losses, and enhance overall efficiency.
  • We can create better energy storage solutions such as batteries, super-capacitors, and other emerging technologies.

We wanted to know what our community thinks.

Here are the questions we asked, and the results:

Question 1

Would you support government policies that encourage and fund research and development in clean energy technologies, using taxpayer dollars?


Yes, I fully support such policies


Yes, but with some reservations


No, I have concerns about this policy


No, I strongly oppose such policies

Question 2

Would you be willing to pay higher energy costs or higher taxes, if it meant supporting the development and implementation of innovative and cleaner energy technologies in Canada?


Yes, I would be willing


Maybe, depending on the extent of the increase


No, I would not be willing


I’m not sure, I have some questions

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