Community Poll – November 23, 2023

Gathering opinions on the government’s fall economic update

In mid November the federal government released its fall economic update with a focus on tackling the affordability crisis that many Canadians are worried about right now.

What does it mean for engaged women? A few key takeaways:

The big question though is: Will measures like these be enough to address affordability concerns, while also driving economic growth (and hopefully reducing inflation at the same time)?

We polled our community for their thoughts, and here’s what we heard:

Question 1

With high interest rates, many Canadians (both new home buyers and those renewing their mortgages) are concerned about housing affordability. The federal government’s fall economic statement includes billions of dollars in new spending targeted at Canada’s housing supply with the goal of making housing more affordable, and to accelerate home building. Do you agree with this spending focus?


Yes, I agree with the federal government’s spending in this area


Sort of — I agree with spending on housing, but the country’s deficit is projected to be quite large so I
think more financial restraint is needed


I do not support the federal government’s newly announced spending on housing

Question 2

The federal economic update included promises to finance investment tax credits for carbon capture and storage (CCS) and for net-zero energy technologies in order to attract green investment. The government says it wants the country to be a key supplier of green technology, and investment tax credits are being considered to position Canada more competitively against the United States. What do you think about this investment priority?


I support a tax credit system to help make Canada a leader in green technology


I think we need to invest in green technology, but the oil and gas industry should also be supported — emissions reduction and prosperity should be a goal across the board


I do not support a tax credit system to help make Canada a leader in green technology

Question 3

The federal government has said bringing down the cost of food is a priority. The fall economic update includes some proposed measures to indirectly help bring down prices, but it doesn’t lay out any new spending. Do you think this should be a bigger priority for the government?


Yes, I think there needs to be more action to bring down food prices


No, I think the measures announced this week will suffice

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