Community Poll – October 12, 2023

Should Canada be doing more to help others who need cleaner energy?

Canada has a lot to offer other countries where access to cleaner energy is non-existent. Exporting Canadian energy to help others is what we know engaged women in Canada care about and support.

Case in point: Coal-burning countries, like those in Asia. Studies show a clear link between cooking with wood or coal, and an increased risk of major eye diseases that can lead to blindness. Nearly half of the world’s population (that’s 3.8 billion people) is exposed to household air pollution from cooking with “dirty” solid fuels like wood or coal.

Canada can pull ahead as a global leader in the production and export of clean energy to foreign markets — a move that would play an important role in reducing global emissions and facilitating a prosperous Canada economy, providing for those in need at home and abroad.

By providing liquified natural gas (LNG) to other countries who want to replace coal, we can benefit human health and the environment.

We wanted to know what our community thought, so we asked a few questions about Canada’s ability to export LNG to countries in order to support their transition away from high-emission, harmful energy sources like coal.

We wanted to know what our community thinks.

Here are the questions we asked, and the results:

Question 1

Did you know that coal is a major source of energy in Asia?





Question 2

Were you aware of the fact that China invested more in coal-fired power in 2022 than any year since 2015? [read more]





Question 3

Did you know that Asian countries are competing for access to Canadian LNG? [read more]





Question 4

Canada can be a major exporter of LNG (which could replace coal in Asia) but we need pipelines to transport LNG to the coast so it can be shipped overseas. LNG shipping has one of the best records in the shipping industry, so do you think Canadian regulators and government officials should focus on removing roadblocks and approving pipelines to transport LNG to the coast to be shipped to global markets?


Yes, I think we need pipelines.


I do not support building pipelines.


I’m not sure. I need more information.



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