Community Poll – October 26, 2023

How can we strike a balance that protects the environment, but still grows our economy?

In October, the Supreme Court ruled that parts of the Impact Assessment Act (IAA) was unconstitutional because it allowed federal bodies to regulate natural resource projects that are actually provincial jurisdiction.

The Supreme Court decision leads to an interesting discussion on the decision-making process for natural resource projects — which are important to the Canadian economy, prosperity and the need to consider environmental and social impacts.

Now that this ruling has been made, is there an opportunity for policy makers at every level of government to move forward, together, to strike this balance? We wanted to know what our community thought, so we asked.

We wanted to know what our community thinks.

Here are the questions we asked, and the results:

Question 1

You think the Supreme Court decision will:


Positively impact Canadian prosperity


Negatively impact Canadian prosperity


Have no significant impact on Canadian prosperity


I don’t know, I need more information



Question 2

Are you willing to prioritize an affordable standard of living for all Canadians by getting these projects moving faster, and allowing the production and distribution of Canada’s oil and gas?


Yes, I am willing to do that


No, I am not willing to do that


I don’t know, I need more information



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