Canada Powered by Women responds to Budget 2024, reiterating the need for sound energy policy in Canada

CALGARY, AB (April 16, 2024)Today’s federal budget reinforces the critical need for Canadian women’s voices to be at the forefront of the national energy transformation conversation, particularly amid cost-of-living challenges. New research shows that women are overwhelmingly united in recognizing the links between a thriving Canadian energy sector and a prosperous economy. 

Given the current affordability challenges Canadians are facing, the federal budget falls short of recognizing the disconnect between the priorities of engaged women and policies that negatively impact cost of living, like the federal carbon tax. Our new research, conducted in late March, shows that 88 per cent of engaged women want details on how money from the carbon tax is being spent, demonstrating the concerns women feel about this policy.  

There is far more that needs to be done to boost our prosperity through sound energy policy, despite these new budget commitments aimed at making life more affordable,” said Canada Powered by Women CEO Tracey Bodnarchuk. Our research shows that engaged women in Canada are not willing to sacrifice their standard of living to reduce global emissions.” 

Engaged women want to see a balanced approach to energy security, economic prosperity and the environment, and our new research shows that. The federal government should also recognize the important role energy security plays in this equation. If engaged women can see the clear links between a robust Canadian energy sector and a resilient economy, why can’t the federal government connect the same dots?  

We know Canada’s energy sector is committed to innovation and is waiting for incentives supporting technological investments to advance the energy system Canadians need. To fund new budget commitments the government will need a robust energy industry, as it increases government revenue and investment for Canadians. It’s time for this government to take engaged women’s concerns seriously and commit to an approach that enables a resilient economy through sound energy policy.    


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Kiki Cekota

About Canada Powered by Women

In 2019, a group of women with backgrounds in various sectors – including energy, founded Canada Powered by Women to put the spotlight on an important gap – women’s voices in the energy transformation conversation and the balance of energy security, the environment and the economy. The organization aims to understand what women across the country are thinking and feeling and provides opportunities to bring women together to find common ground on energy transformation – to be a vehicle for the voices of many women across Canada in a manner that is unignorable and has real impact.

Canada Powered by Women facilitates discussions amongst women across the country, creating a trusted place to talk about complex issues that matter, a place to listen and a place to raise awareness and create positive change for all Canadians. Learn more at

Research Methodology

Survey data is from Leger’s Omnibus Study, conducted from March 22 – March 24, 2024, among 1,605 Canadians, randomly recruited from Leger’s LEO’s online panel.  

The women who were classified as Engaged Women identified as someone who reads/listens to the news, is informed on politics, believe to be somewhat left/in the middle/on the right, and is neutral or in agreement with the many statements related to having an interest in: influencing government, learning about the future, learning more about topics that could impact Canadians future wealth and prosperity, understanding what I can do to support important issues facing Canadians, and having a voice about the future of oil and gas and energy.