Rising Cost of Living Influencing Women’s Opinions on Canadian Oil and Gas

New survey shows engaged Canadian women prioritize standard of living along with continued development of Canadian energy

CALGARY, AB (November 22, 2023) – The rising cost of living may be shifting national opinions about Canadian oil and gas among informed and engaged Canadian women, according to a new survey released by Canada Powered by Women (CPW). The Leger survey reveals a significant majority of engaged Canadian women (78 per cent) support the production and distribution of Canadian oil and gas, and the work the oil and gas industry is doing with innovation and technology to reduce Canadian and global emissions, if it means prioritizing their standard of living. More than half say they are not willing to sacrifice their own prosperity to reduce global emissions by transforming away from oil and gas.

The survey data illustrates that women are overwhelmingly united in recognizing the links between a thriving energy sector in Canada, including the continued production of oil and gas, a prosperous economy and an affordable standard of living.

“The survey results highlight the ongoing challenges that women across the country are facing when it comes to balancing affordability and sharing their opinions on energy development,” said Canada Powered by Women Board Chair, Sue Riddell Rose. “This further strengthens the critical need for a platform like Canada Powered by Women that elevates the voice of women, providing them a channel to participate in constructive conversation surrounding one of the most important elements of our lives and our economy – energy.”

Despite prioritizing their standard of living, engaged Canadian women very much care about the environment. Most surveyed women across the country stated they want to see a focus on LNG and an energy mix of renewables and fossil fuels, to secure energy independence and boost the Canadian economy while reducing emissions at the same time.

“The participation of women in the ongoing dialogue is an essential step towards a more sustainable and prosperous future for everyone,” said Tracey Bodnarchuk, CEO of Canada Powered by Women. “This is why we’re continuing to build on the work we began earlier this year. Seventy-six per cent of the women we surveyed want to have a voice about the future of energy in Canada. By creating informed, trusted spaces and facilitating bold conversations, we listen and work to amplify the voices of Canadian women in our communities and boardrooms.”

“The survey findings make it clear that Canada’s energy industry is supported by engaged women, especially when they connect the dots with the economy and their own standard of living,” said Paige Schoenfeld, Senior Vice President at Leger. “Measuring shifts in attitudes allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the priorities of the women we’re talking to, and this can further help advance the important conversations on energy transformation that are already happening.”

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About Canada Powered by Women

In 2019, a group of women with backgrounds in various sectors – including energy, founded Canada Powered by Women to put the spotlight on an important gap – women’s voices in the energy transformation conversation and the balance of energy security, the environment and the economy. The organization aims to understand what women across the country are thinking and feeling and provides opportunities to bring women together to find common ground on energy transformation – to be a vehicle for the voices of many women across Canada in a manner that is unignorable and has real impact.

Canada Powered by Women facilitates discussions amongst women across the country, creating a trusted place to talk about complex issues that matter, a place to listen and a place to raise awareness and create positive change for all Canadians. Learn more at


The survey data is from a study conducted by Leger using the LEO panel, from Sept 1st-14th 2023, among 1211 women in Canada. The women who qualified identified as someone who reads/listens to the news, is informed on politics, believe to be somewhat left/in the middle/on the right, and is neutral or in agreement with the many statements related to having an interest in: influencing government, learning about the future, learning more about topics that could impact Canadians future wealth and prosperity, understanding what I can do to support important issues facing Canadians, and having a voice about the future of oil and gas and energy.