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National Research Results, Highlights
June 2024

Although energy issues might seem to divide the public, our research shows that engaged women share common ground. Women across Canada desire a balanced approach on energy and the environment, but also agree life has gotten harder.

Canadian women are not convinced we have energy policies that positively affect prosperity

New national survey data shows that engaged Canadian women are questioning our country’s energy policies, and the number of women who care about these policies is also growing.

National Research Results, Highlights
November 2023

While it may seem like the public is deeply polarized on energy issues, our research indicates that women share common ground. But, a majority are unwilling to make tradeoffs that jeopardize their standard of living.

National Research Results, Highlights
June 2023

In March of this year, we partnered with the preeminent national research firm Leger to test the hypothesis there are women in Canada who are predisposed to advocate for economic prosperity during energy transformation.